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Atal Tinkering Lab

Our Work Process

How we work

Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) an initiative by Government of India
is setting up knowledge hubs called ATL to shape young minds
where students learn innovation and skills

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Why choose us

Why we are

  • Indicative List of Vendors

    TStemBridge Labs is now part of the 'Indicative List of Vendors' for ATL equipment

  • Expert Training

    Free 5-day training program and free year long Atal Tinkering Lab curriculum

  • 24/7 Support

    24x7 Phone and Online Support, regular visits and support throughout the ATL set-up

Key Points

We are Specialized

StemBridge Labs is willing to participate in successful journey of ATL and helps instill a ‘maker’ spirit in young students. We will provide customized support to establish State-of-Art Lab.
Our Unique Approach: We don’t believe in supplier-buyer relation but we try to develop complete trust by providing required services at same time.

  • Predefined SLA (Service Level Agreement).
  • In house team to check the quality before delivery of equipments.
  • Mentorship for National/International competitions or Olympiads.
  • Free Course Curriculum
  • Free Inventory Management Software
  • Career counselling
  • Flexible Training timings as per teachers convinient , 2 hours a day
  • We complete lab setup within 45 days as per Niti Ayog guidelines
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