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Our Work Process


Stem Studio our flagship program in which we will set up STEM LAB in the school. This STEM Lab is a tinkering lab which is based on Project Based Learning and real-world problems




40 Weeks





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STEM studio

Why we are Different

  • Raising Quality Standard of School education

    Equipping ecosystem of K-12 Teaching and learning practices by focusing on raising the standard of quality school education

  • Creating platform for digital learning opportunities.

    Tablets for students, to use platforms like Google Classroom, Create/View Presentations, for conducting group Assessments.

  • Student Centered approach to learning

    STEM Studio includes course curriculum, lab equipment and teachers training

We are Specialized

Key Points

  • 40 Weeks course curriculum
  • Equipments and kit
  • Training and support
  • Lesson plans and Resources

is to help instil a ‘maker’ spirit in young people, by providing opportunities for working outside the classroom, using hands-on experimentation and collaboration with the latest technology, and designing it to provide much needed solutions.

The program aims to bring the do-it-yourself culture to the forefront, encourage and motivate students to become solution providers and get engaged in self-learning that will not only lead to the development of higher order thinking skills, but may eventually lead to discoveries, innovations and inventions.

  • Elementary Package: includes Project Based Learning, Student Analysis Report and STEM Units.
  • Full scale Package: includes Offbeat Courses, Student Analysis Report, Individual Assesment, Project Based Learning , STEM Units and LAB Infrastructure
  • Students will be benefited with 21st century skills developing curiosity and learning excitment.
  • It will hep schools to make difference with others , schools can combine conventional learning and STEM practices which will improve theres and students performance exponentially
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